Adventure, Gravel & Touring Bikes

Adventure/Gravel Bikes

Adventure is a broad category of bike models sometimes referred to as gravel bikes, cross bikes or all road bikes. This category is ideal for riding further distances without being restricted to pavement. It is a popular choice for commuters wanting a comfortable ride on poor road conditions with the ability to handle long sporty rides on the weekend. Think lightweight road bike frames with clearance for wider tires, fenders and rack mounts and often times disc brakes.


Bianchi Impulso All Road 105


Bianchi All Road Tiagra


A 2017 Interbike innovation awards winner, the new Impulso All Road best suits the needs of riders looking to enjoy endless miles - whether their excursions take them up fire roads, across gravel roads, or a bit of under-biking on the local mountain bike trails.The Impulso All Road’s stiff downtube and bottom bracket region make quick work of each pedal stroke. The tall chainstay profiles and thru-axles keep the rear end tracking straight and the fork and frame allow for 40mm.

Impulso triple hydroformed aluminum frame, 12 x

Full composite fork

12mm thru axle

Shimano RS305 mechanical disc brakes


Touring Bikes

Get outside and explore! Touring bikes are built to last, carry more weight and travel great distances. Versatile like an adventure bike but more heavy duty, touring bikes are the perfect choice for weekend bike trips, bike camping and tours domestic or abroad. Generally touring bikes offer a wider range of gears than adventure models and are equipped with lower maintenance features. They are also a popular choice for year-round riders looking for a bombproof option.

Bianchi Lupo Matte Sand.jpg

Bianchi Lupo



Bianchi Volpe