Options from Giant, Liv, Bianchi and Masi for the adventurer, commuter, cruiser and road riding enthusiast.

Hybrid Bikes

Starting at $420.00

This style of bike is for riders looking for versatility and practicality. Hybrid bikes have flat handlebars, mid-width tires that can ride on payment, packed dirt or gravel and a wide range of gears. Hybrids are often purchased for leisure exercise, transportation or recreational use. They are reliable, comfortable, easy to ride and the most popular choice for first time bike buyers.

Featured:  Giant  Escape City Disc 3 ($710.00)

Featured: Giant Escape City Disc 3 ($710.00)

Featured:  Bianchi  Impulso 105 ($1,450.00)

Featured: Bianchi Impulso 105 ($1,450.00)

Road Bikes

Starting at $680.00

Road bikes are a lightweight, fast moving option for long pavement rides. Their main use is for exercise, competition and sometimes long-distance commutes. There are many styles of road bikes from entry level endurance to aerodynamic aggressive racing machines. We stock models designed for road riding enthusiasts (or soon to be enthusiasts) including entry level models up to full carbon endurance models. Endurance road bikes have a less aggressive posture than bikes designed for racing, offering a balance between speed and comfort.

Adventure, Gravel & Touring Bikes

Starting at $989.99

Get outside and explore! Adventure, Gravel & Touring bikes are ideal for riding further distances without being restricted to pavement. These are also a popular choice for commuters riding further distances as these bike usually accommodate fenders and racks and have extra clearance for tire width options.

Featured:  Bianchi  Via Nirone All Road Claris ($1,100.00)

Featured: Bianchi Via Nirone All Road Claris ($1,100.00)

Featured:  Liv  Alight 3 Disc ($470.00)

Featured: Liv Alight 3 Disc ($470.00)

Women Specific Bikes

Starting at $420.00

We stock a wide range of women specific hybrid, gravel and road bikes. It's not just about the aesthetics, these bike models give women of all shapes and sizes more options for a better fitting bike. What makes a bike women specific? While it varies by brand and model, they are designed for common female body proportions (shorter torso and longer leg length than a man of the same height), have narrower handlebar widths and include a women's specific saddle.

Kid's Bikes

Starting at $99.99

We believe that the love of biking starts early so we stock a variety of kids bikes for all levels of little riders. Is your kid is a daredevil excited to rip through the park? Or a cautious sidewalk cruiser? Our variety of colors, sizes and styles makes it easy to find the perfect bike for your child.

Featured:  Liv  Enchant 24 Disc ($435.00)

Featured: Liv Enchant 24 Disc ($435.00)