We pack bicycles and frames for shipping. While we prefer customers make their own shipping arrangements we can arrange shipping for you for an additional $15.00 fee. UPS and FedEx visit our shop daily so your boxed equipment can be shipped directly from our shop. Just use our address as the pick up location, email us the shipping label and we will handle the rest.

Boxing Rates:

(Rates include a box and all packing materials.)

Standard Road or Hybrid Bicycles: $60.00

Triathlon Bikes: $75.00

Touring bikes: $70.00 - $90.00* 

Heavy-duty bikes or full suspension mountain bikes: $80.00 - $100.00*

*Rates vary based on racks, fenders or other accessories that require removal and packing.

The Process

Step One:

Bring in your bicycle. When it is checked in we will provide you with the box dimensions, approximate weight and boxing completion date which you will need to create you shipping label. If you would like your bike picked up directly from our shop you will pay for the boxing charge when you drop off the bicycle.

Step Two:

Create you shipping label. We highly recommend using BikeFlights.com, they arrange shipping through FedEx and are usually less expensive that arranging shipping directly through UPS or FedEx. Enter the box dimensions, weight, shipment date and shipping preferences then enter a description of your bicycle, select insurance options and complete purchase. If using Bike Flights you will receive a payment confirmation email first and an email that includes your shipping label second.

Step Three:

Email your shipping label to velobikeshop@live.com. We will print the label and put it on your bike box. When the bike is picked up by FedEx or UPS, you will receive an email from us confirming its departure.